Wednesday, 28 August 2013

J2ME Game Development

Free Donwload Books ON J2ME Game Development

Java Microedition 2 is platform that builds games and applications to run on embadded devices.

J2ME Game Development has following processes.

1.Requirement & Device Specifications.

2. Creating MIDlet

3. Coding

4. Compling


Here is a book that introduces to j2me game development.

Introduction to J2ME Game Development 

Free Donwload Books ON J2ME Game Development

HTML & CSS Complete Reference 5th Edition

Good Morning to friends!

How are you? I'm here for you and today I am giving you a very important book.  In the begining the website buidlding was very simple. It isn't so easy anymore. With the explosion of the Web came an avalanche of new technologies, propriety tags, acronyms. Even for someone who is immersed in the terminology and environment on a professional basis.

This book focuses on the html tags and css styles. I covers all aspects of web design. It gives you complete concept of web development with html and css. 

CATION: I bought this book from amazon. This book is copyright to McGraw-Hill company. Do not copy any part of this book without permission of owner for any purpose.   

The Download Link for this book is following. 

HTML & CSS The Complete Reference 5th Edition 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

HTML Basic Tag Reference Following a book for you that tells you basic html tags. Basic HTML Tags Reference

How to make a website!

Hi Friends!! Do you looking for such article that provide you complete guide to develop your website? Do not worry, I am giving you a solution.

Todays websites are become very important for every thing. Every educational institute or business company has its website. 

I am sharing a small book about web design.

From this book you will be able to develop your fist website with the 

help of Adobe Dreamweaver.

This book will give you good guide of css as for as html.

Link is here to download this book. Please share it to your friends.

 How make a website in Dreamweaver