Tuesday, 4 September 2012

How to Hack Internet Download Manager

 The Following Steps make IDM Free for Use

(i) Use idm trial version for 30 days.

(ii) When registrations is required for using idm then you need a serial key for registering. 

(iii) You should disconnect your internet connection. 

(iv)After disconnecting your internet connection put these serial number in IDM Registery form.


(v) Now IDM will connect you computer to internet using your default internet connection. You should cancel this process and then click IDM icon. 

(vi) You will find free use of IDM

NOTE: This information is only for educational purpose and some entertainment tricks. I am not responsible for negative use. I just want to show every security can crack by some way but after its cracking the new security make. This is a Circle.

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Thanks to Wasim Shan.  

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